About Ciara

Hi Everyone. My Name Is Ciara McGuire + I'm An Artist.

I am a 20 something year old Irish girl from Co.Wexford but I am have been living in Sheffield, U.K. since January 2012.
I moved to Sheffield with my wonderful partner due to the recession & lack of prospects in Ireland at that time but from a tough situation he and I have taken positive steps towards a bright future and we are having a great time over here!

I Work With Mixed Media + It Is So Much Fun.

My canvases are colourful, bright and happy and they usually convey an important message.  I use paper, paints, inks, stencils, stamps and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.  These are my very special tools on my mission to make the world just a little more beautiful.

My Artwork Is Everything To Me.

And it always has been.  I've been painting, colouring, drawing, scribbling, scrapping, creating with these hands since I can't remember. I don't know how to not create! For me art is like breathing, its not something that you necessarily think about very often but it sure is essential to your living. Art sets me free, it reminds me I'm alive, that I'm important and that I too have a purpose in this world. That purpose is to create. Now don't ask me why that is my purpose, that I cannot explain!!

Lots of things inspire me to create. Shapes, colours, the way a pile of scrap paper has fallen over my desk or  the colour of a friends cardigan.  Often phrases people use will stir up some message that I feel I need to send out to the world through my art.  Of course other artists continually inspire me and some day I hope to have honed my craft as well as they have.

I Love Nothing More Than A Nice Cuppa Tea. Or Coffee.

If it is in a cute looking little teacup + saucer even better!! Teacups; I have a weakness for I must admit, and anything vintage looking I suppose. I am a sucker for little ornaments and trinkets, bits and bobs, dust collectors, call them what you will! I love them! I could spend my life rummaging in charity shops and car boot sales and never get fed up truth be told.
Candles have a similar effect on me as do polka dots and animals. Especially if they are baby animals. Baby animals make me forget my age.
I am not a going out to nightclubs sort of person, I would much rather spend my nights off sitting in watching a movie, chilling out, maybe crocheting a blanket of some sort. Although I may not be a big drinker (except for the occasional glass of red) I do love food.  I could write a whole chapter on the stuff, its magical.  I'm lucky that I found a man who shares my passion for food or else I would be quite overweight by now. I enjoy cooking, it rarely feels like a chore to me and I have been known to bake the odd cake or two. My favourite is Lemon Drizzle. 

I Believe That We All Have A Creative Personality. 

It may not be your most dominant one but it is there and it can shine through if you let it. And if you find that the creative person in you has an idea you better not try to fight against it because it will not be one bit pleased,  I can assure you that. Creative people can be feisty! 
I believe that the world and everyone in it needs art.  And I believe that everyone should do a least one creative thing everyday. 

My Hopes + Dreams For The Future Are Fairly Simple.

I hope to become as successful as I can through my artwork however if I help to inspire even just a handful of people then I will be the happiest girl in the world!

If I Could Give You One Message + Nothing Else.

I would say, every time:

Create The Life You Want

Thank you for stopping by + reading my blog.  Please feel free to leave comments + questions, I promise I will get back to you.

Have a beautiful + creative day!

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