Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thursday Treasury

So, it's November... and with the days becoming a little darker and the weather a little colder things can seem a bit muted and dull. Well, fear not I am here to show you the beauty in the dull!

This weeks treasury is a collection of the most beautiful dull colours - muted tones! 

Truth be told (and as you probably already know from looking at my artwork) I am a brights girl. I prefer bright reds, turquoise, greens and yellows. I would never use any of these tones in my artwork usually but you know what? Looking through this moodboard today I may be changing my mind, I might give it a go!
Look at how gorgeous the dull browns, mustards and powder blues go together. 
It just amazes me each and every times to discover the fantastic colour combinations that can be put together, even from what one would normally consider to be unattractive or dare I say it....ugly?

BUT PLEASE be aware I am by no means describing the above creations as ugly, god no! If anything I am holding these up as examples of the beauty that can be found when you look through different eyes. I mean, don't forget, hot chocolate comes in a muted tone. And that is BE-A-U-TI-FUL ;)

In the information about this treasury, including the seller and prices can be found here.

Have a great Thursday!

Take care

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