Wednesday, 5 March 2014

25 Art Journal Prompts - March

People use art journals for a whole lot of different reasons such as rough sketches, journalling thoughts and memories like a traditional diary, getting ideas out on paper or trying new techniques. I use my journal for all of these things and more! I think everyone should have an art journal because it can be fantastic help when you are stuck in a rut or if you just want the freedom to create without rules or boundaries. So, I put together these lists of 25 art journal prompts every month for you to use to make the most of your journal and to explore your creativity in ways you may not have immediately thought of.

25 Art Journal Prompts

1. Incorporate stripes into your next art journal page
2. Use some old book pages as a background for your next page
3. Fancy a cuppa? Use some old teabags to stain your page. It will give it a vintage, aged look.
4. Create a page inspired by the last movie you watched.
5. What is the weather like today? Look out the window and create a page inspired by today's weather.
6. In your next page, use your "wrong hand" for 3 minutes.
7. Incorporate some pink stars into your next page.
8. Create a page inspired by tie dye! Fun, fun, fun!
9. Look in a hand mirror and then sketch your portrait using "blind drawing technique". This is wear your sketch without looking at the page much but concentrating more on your subject. It helps to achieve truer, more accurate lines. And it can be really funny too!
10. Create a page based on the colours of your favourite meal. 
11. Use Sellotape in your next page. Explore all the different techniques that the tape has to offer.
12.Check the clock and make note of the time. Incorporate this time into your next page. Maybe you could piece it together with magazine cut outs or with a stamp.
13. Use some old buttons in your next page.
14. Insert a piece of sandpaper in your journal for your next page and then create your next page onto it.
15. Paint a 2 page spread with chalkboard paint. Use different colour chalks to create some temporary artwork or white paint for a more permanent one.
16. Select some images from old magazines and try to then recreate them in your next few pages.
17. Create a whole page using only different shades of green!
18. Use watercolours and cling film to create unusual textures on your next page.
19. What would happen if you used some bleach in your next page? Be careful while you use it but I bet it would create some really cool effects.
20. Have a look around the house and see what items you could use as stencils and/or stamps. You would be surprised what you will find, some household items have great textures.
21. Use some felt in your next page.
22. Pick the 4 nearest art supplies to you and use only those 4 in your next page.
23. Don't use a paintbrush while creating your next page.
24. Paint some Spring flowers in your next page such as Daffodils and Crocus.
25. Incorporate some yellow dots into your next 2 page spread.

I hope you enjoyed the March art journal prompts. Check back next month for more! 
Leave a comment and let me know if you used any of the prompts. Why not leave a link to your art journals below?

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  1. This is a great list for trying new things Ciara! Thank you!


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