Wednesday, 26 February 2014

life // according to instagram

1// Trying to organise all of my Scrapbooking paper. It is the one supply that I just can't seem to keep organised for long. Any suggestions?
2// The view from my living room/kitchen window. Looks so pretty in the mornings.
3// I wish this was Smellagram because this tea smells divine! Citrus breakfast tea.
4// New tags for my Etsy shop. So cute for presents of art journalling.
5// Beautiful messy rags. I think I'll be able to put these to good use ;)
6// Sharing a sneak peek of my new blog design. My instagram followers were the first to see it.
7// Throwback Thursday. One of my early art journal pages. I think I have come a long way since then.
8// Had to repost this. Such inspirational words from Martin Luther King Jr.
9// Packaging up orders today, making them pretty and then off they go!
10// Nice brekkie and then off to another busy day in the studio
11// View of my workspace. Working on some new art. This is when I am at my happiest.
12// Pineapple Cilantro Yankee Candle Tart. Nice, fresh Spring smell that I'm loving to fill the house with right now.
13// Chai Tea Latte and slippers after a busy day in the studio. A bit of chill out time before I entertained a friend for dinner.
14// Fabric flower jewellery for my Etsy shop. Available soon!
15// One of the faces from my 1st week of 29 Faces. This one is created using mainly Neocolours 11.
16// Mmmm chocolate cake. I love other people's birthdays lol!
17// My 2014 diary. I think I would be lost without this little gem, I would definitely forget my daily to-do lists if I didn't have my diary.
18// I never take selfies! I decided to have a "me afternoon/evening". It was a spur of the moment decision but I really needed it. I went for a little shopping and then watched some "good/bad" tv (Dr. Phil) with popcorn.
19// What a gorgeous afternoon it was. The sun was shining and the air was fresh after a morning of spilling rain. Spring is on it's way! 
20//  One of my most favourite things in our apartment, my Salt Rock lamp. Such a pretty glow.
21// My collection of pencils and charcoal - it's the little things!
22// Working on some greeting cards. One was for a commission for a wedding and one was for my love for Valentine's Day.
23// Cups of tea while editing photos. It's the only way to get through it....
24// New socks in Spring/Summer colours. I have this weird thing that happens to all of my socks, one heel on every sock ends up with a big hole in it after just a few wears. So I needed some new ones.
25// Still continuing with my 29 Faces. I am really enjoying this challenge, I feel I am improving each and every day.
26// Getting ready to write to my new penpals.
27// Gotta love the limitless feeling I get when I use my art journal. Nothing is wrong, nothing is a mistake, instead every move is an opportunity to learn.
28// Trying to organise some clothes. What a mess. How did I get like this?!!

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