Thursday, 24 April 2014

Art Jumping From The Page!

Hi everyone! 
Some of you may recognise this page in my art journal from my latest video where I cleaned off a stencil. Well, today when I got to the studio I opened up this page to work on it and almost instantly seen a figure within it. This is a rare occurrence so when it happens I go with it like hell!! I don't know if you can see but I lightly marked out a woman in a dress with pencil. Can you see that? 

 I then painted in the face, neck and arms with white acrylic to allow me to add more colour later.

 I further developed the girl's body with charcoal and then added flesh tones using some new alcohol markers that I purchased at the weekend. I found these by accident in a kind of cheapish art/craft shop for 99p each! I only bought 4, to try them out first but they seem to be good quality. Not as good as the more expensive brand of alcohol ink markers though but you get what you pay for don't you?

 I blanked out the background and then used my Neocolours 11 to create a cheerful splash of colour!
It is so refreshing when a piece of art emerges from the page in front of you and you don't have to go fishing around for it for too long. Some days are a struggle but some days are an absolute joy.

Have a great day!
Ciara x

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