Thursday, 3 April 2014

"Don't Be Unhappy, Kind Friend!"

Today I just have a quick little post to share with you my latest art journal page where I created this lovely lady. I love this girls expression and the story she holds just behind those eyes. The caption that I added from book words reads "Don't be unhappy, kind friend!"

This painting started off on one of those art journal pages that I had started but had then lost interest or inspiration. You know those pages, the ones you promise to revisit another day but usually don't? Well today I did. It was all messy with paint and stencils so I added a little bit of the yellow paint you can see. I then cut out the girl's face from my sketch book and added her to the background. I have a new nightly ritual now of sketching a few different faces in a little sketch book usually using simple materials like pencil and charcoal while watching tv or whatever - it is obviously turning out to be a very useful exercise!
Using acrylic paint and other materials, I blended the girl into the page and then went ahead and completed the painting. I also used watercolours and oil pastels to shadow, highlight and contour her face.
I added the little heart above her head from paper I created using a alcohol ink marbling   technique which I will be sharing either on the blog or on my Youtube channel soon.
Here are some of the products I used on this painting:


  1. Super! Love what you did and how you got there! Isn't the journey the fun part! And thank-you for showing all the supplies you use. very helpful

  2. Thanks BritChickNY, such kind words as always :)


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