Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Old World

It's hard to believe that I have lived in Sheffield for 1 year + 9 months now. It's also even harder to believe that I only found out that there is an abundance of amazing antique shops scattered around a certain area of the city yesterday! How have I only discovered these shops now?! Well, truth be told I didn't even "discover" them, two of my amazing girlfriends were so kind as to bring me shopping in these little treasure troves yesterday morning (as if they need an excuse to antique shop).

It was a super girlie day of shopping + lunch followed by more shopping and of course plenty of gossiping + giggling too. There was actually so much squealing, cooing + shrieking, you would think we were admiring new born babies when in fact it was usually that one of us had discovered a pair of tatty china lambs or an ornament of a creepy kitty wearing a bow.

When I walked into the first shop it very nearly took my breath away!! So much stuff and so little time. I was almost dizzy trying to take in all the beautiful things. Retro floral crockery, unloved Teddy bears, endless cross stitch + crochet, old style telephones + typewriters, dusty books, vintage clothing and knick-knacks of every description as far as the eye could see. With the mixture of must, dust + excitement in the air - I was in heaven.

It wasn't all delightful I will admit. There were some sinister looking objects hidden among the beauties + in one particular shop the presence of gas masks was just too much for me. Those things CREEP ME OUT! But all in all it was an amazing adventure into my new world of old. I can't wait to go again!

I promise I didn't buy that waistcoat by the way ;)
Have you discovered anything new about the place you live in recently? Has anyone been antique shopping, what did you find? Feel free to leave a comment as always.



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