Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday {Treasury}

Hi everyone!!

As promised, I didn't forget about Thursday Treasury this week (oops for last week) and I also think you are going to enjoy this one a lot.

Depending on where in the world you are reading this from, you may have noticed that the seasons are changing again. The summer is slipping away and we are now entering into the chiller evenings of Autumn.
So that is what I have designed this week's treasury around, the fabulous colours that Autumn brings. Oranges, reds, yellows and browns.

You can get all the relevant information about this treasury including the shop + sellers here

I was inspired by this beautiful picture that I came across on Pinterest. The colours and the shapes of the leaves are just perfect! 


In other news, I moved into my new studio today!! Woop! I haven't taken any photos yet though because it's still a bit messy, I'm still only getting settled in. It's really cool though and nice to be around other creative types all day but I have to be honest and say that ever since the exhibition night I have found it hard to get back to creating. Ok not hard as in I don't want to and feel like it is a chore but hard as in I kind of don't know where to start. I had so many ideas for when the exhibition open night was over and now....well now, I feel kinda lost. Does anyone out there have any advice on this subject?

I'm sure it will wear away after a few days and I probably just need to get into the swing of things again and of course get settled into the new studio as well. I'll keep you updated anyway, I always do ;)

I hope you are having a wonderful Autumn day!!

Take care


  1. I find that if I am stuck on one creative thing, say tryin to write a story, then if I go bash away on the guitar, or draw a picture, when I go back to the story, the block will have dissolved. Its like, rather than breaking the wall, opening the door and walking through! Often works for me, hope it helps :~)


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