Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Draw A Key...

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good Wednesday.

Have you ever heard of an art prompt bowl? Otherwise known as an inspiration bowl? Well if I'm honest I haven't actually heard of one either, I just made one. I'm not claiming to have invented it, I just haven't even seen one used before, however, I'm sure it has been done many time in many different ways.

Basically, when I moved into my new studio I felt a little overwhelmed. I had all this space, all this creative energy around me. A new found sense of freedom to make as much mess as I wanted, to be as wacky and out of the box as I wanted but this also became the reason why I felt like my hands were tied. Where do I start? Oh no, not this again. Not creative block. I couldn't afford this. I couldn't afford to waste precious creating time sitting around looking at four walls wondering what to do, and because I am renting that space it would have been a financial waste too.

So here is what I did

I created an art prompt bowl. I spend a few hours one evening writing down lots of different "art challenges" for myself  on small strips of paper such as "use purple in next drawing", "must contain paint splatters", "use only a Sharpie" etc and putting them into a bowl. I now have a bowl full of art prompts and challenges in it so whenever I feel I need "someone else" to take charge all I have to do is dip my hand in the bowl and hey presto!

I hope you are inspired to maybe make an art prompt/art challenge bowl of your own.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Have a creative day


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