Saturday, 15 June 2013

For block sake

Hi everyone!

Oh, what can I tell you today? This week did not go as I hoped it might, it has been really tough, even with all my new, fabulous finds that I collected at the car-boot last week. This week my motivation was at an all time low, my inspiration fizzled away into thin air and basically I got NOTHING of any substance done. Now, I know that this is perfectly normal, it happens to everyone and all that jazz but it is still one of the most frustrating bubble-burster of all time for an artist. The worst thing is that my usual sources of inspiration were turning up empty, the tricks + games I play on myself when this block occurs were failing me. C**p, is this serious?! What if a person only gets a limited amount of talent, have I used all mine up already? Surely, that is a ridiculous thing to think of, but, then again, is it?

Where does this awful, bloody thing come from anyway? Is it that my work has genuinely taken a creative nose dive due to something crazy that is happening in that brain of mine? Or, is my work still as good as it ever was but I am just seeing it though foggy eyes because of, oh I dunno, that brain of mine?! Uh! Do I really need a brain?!!! Can't I just take it out?! I feel like I only need a heart to make art, that is where it truly comes for (everybody say 'awwww' and now ignore the fact that I just considered having a lobotomy)

OK, enough of this whining. There has to be something I can do, other than sitting around, watching movies and eating bags of cheesy Doritos (I don't half do 'feeling sorry for myself', well do I ?) Although that is an enjoyable way to spend an evening (or several) it won't bring back the creative flow no matter how much I fool myself into thinking that watching foreign films on Netflix will 'culture me' + spur on an amazing work of art. There must to be something else I can do. 

Well, I don't really have a plan of action if I am honest with you all but the first thing I am gonna do is get out of this apartment! I have been stuck in here for the last few days due to a mixture of the weather being dodgy and feeling a bit unwell. Today, myself + himself are gonna go into town + have coffee, have a look around + get some fresh air. I guess that is step 1. After that, well, I don't know, if any of you, my lovely readers would be so kind as to share your knowledge on the subject, I'd be ever so grateful.

I know I'll get over this, it might take a few days, maybe more, maybe less. I suppose the main thing for me to remember is that just because I am having a hard time of it right now, it doesn't mean that all my talent has been used up or whatever other crazy thoughts I am prone to having. I suppose, as long as I relax and use it as a moment to gather my thoughts + ideas then things will happen at there own pace. You can't + shouldn't rush art.

I hope you leave a comment and let me know your thoughts + feelings on this topic. Do you suffer from artist's block often or at all? What do you do to shake it off? 

I hope you are having a beautiful + creative day 

Take care


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