Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tutorial: Toilet Paper Decorations

Hi everyone! 

Here I am with the last instalment of the Waste Paper Bin Challenge, the challenge where I show you how to create something beautiful from what is essentially junk!
First of all though, I must apologize for the delay (those of you who have been following these tutorials will know I usually post it every Saturday) I was so SO busy yesterday and I didn't plan very well and basically I forgot.... :( Sorry guys. But hey, we are here now and it's a good one!  Toilet Roll Decorations!
In our house we end up throwing out loads of toilet roll inserts every week because I hadn't come up with any crafty ideas using them, until now! 

So let's get started:

1. Gather as many toilet roll inserts as you can find, I managed to only collect two today (on any other day there would be millions!) 

2. Flatten them down and cut into strips along their width. You can cut one piece to whatever thickness you like and then use that piece as a guide to mark out the rest of the pieces along the tube, so they will uniform, there or thereabouts. However you only need six strips to make this project.

3. Now arrange your 'petals' so that they resemble the shape of a flower and adhere them using hot glue. If you do not have a hot glue gun then any white glue such as PVA will work. I would suggest you pin the petals together with something like a clothes peg or a small crocodile clip while you are waiting for the glue to set as they will pop apart if not.

4. Once you have this basic flower/star shape in place and dry, you are free to decorate it pretty much whatever way you like! You can use paint, ink, decoupage, glitter, embellishments, stamps etc to make it beautiful! As always, let your creativity flow free.
Here are the two I done, so you may get some ideas from them

I painted this decoration with pink acrylic paint and then sprayed it with homemade Perfect Pearls mist. I then added a white button to the centre. 

You could use this as a large card topper or back it with card and put it in a deep frame. You could even add a stem to the flower and create a whole bouquet of card flowers to display in your home.

For this one I used Tim Holtz Distress Stain in Peacock Feathers to colour the petals. I then used stamps and alcohol ink here and there to add texture. And then to add a real bit of glitz and glam I mixed black glitter with Mod Podge and applied it generously to the outside of the petals. I also added some buttons to the centre and a ribbon so that this one can be hung up. 

I think these would be great for Christmas (don't hate me!!) as tree decorations, especially if you add lots of glitter! 

So, that is it for my final instalment of the Waste Paper Bin Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it and all the others. 
Don't worry though, I will be adding many more tutorials on here and from time to time there will be more tutorials for crafts using recycled materials so you don't have to be too sad about the WPBC finishing today :)

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or email me and I will be sure to get back to you.

I hope you are having a beautiful + creative day



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