Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Don't Worry I Am Alive!

Hi everyone!

Don't worry, I am still alive lol! I have been such a bad-egg abandoning my blog and my lovely readers lately, I do apologise. Things hadn't quite got back to normal after my holidays, until today. When we got back (it was a Wednesday) I decided that I wouldn't go back to work until the Monday so I had been pottering around the house, unpacking, giving it a bit of a Spring clean (in Summer), re-organising etc. Myself and himself had brought quite a few of our belongings back to Sheffield from Ireland with us this time such as books, cds, home decor items, a stereo, a lamp and so I wanted to spend some time finding a nice neat home for them all because in an apartment as small as ours if you don't find the right place for something almost immediately it will become CLUTTER. Not something anyone needs in their life.
I also picked up some extra shifts in the Irish bar that I help out in at the weekend and so between working there and then enjoying spending time at home the time kinda flew! And before I knew it, it was Monday, yesterday, but I didn't get to blog then either cause I was in town, at the post office, and some other kinda boring stuff. I thought to myself this morning "If I don't post today, all my lovely readers are gonna find someone else to follow!" So here I am, just letting you all know that I am alive and kicking and ready to get back in action. Ready for some new creative adventures and experiences. I am completely refreshed from my break at home and I am ready for whatever creative inspirational journey life is going to take me on this season ;) So excited! Are you?

I have a lot coming up in the next few months and I will be sharing it all with you as we go along. I have an important meeting this afternoon so depending on how that goes I might be sharing some info on here in the next few days. But as for now I thought it might be fun to share a little sneak at a project I am working on JUST FOR ME!

I spend a few hours over the last few days flicking through old magazines, picking out positive, empowering words and collecting them in a little box. I picked words like 'SUCCESS', 'LOVE', 'CELEBRATION', 'EXCITING' and much more. 

I am now in the process of filling an entire canvas from corner to corner in these words for a quirky, original piece of artwork for our living room area. It will add a much needed splash of colour to the room and it will also be a whole bunch of positivity staring me straight in the face everyday so that I can never get down!! 

I will admit this isn't my original idea, I pinned it on Pinterest a while ago and decided now was the right time to give it ago. It's just a little fun project. This one from Pinterest seems to be full of random words but I always wanted to fill mine with positive, uplifting words but you really could do anything at all, I think these would make great presents aswell.

Gonna do one with positive words x

I am almost finished this project, I am sure I will finish it by the end of today so I will be sure to share the finished result :) 

Other than that I think that is all my news for today my lovelies. I have a nice evening planned with the girls so I am really looking forward to a catch up and a chin wag. What are you up to this evening?




  1. Yay glad to have you back! Love the idea for that canvas, always good to have some extra positivity. Look forward to seeing the new things you have coming up! :)

    1. I'm glad to be back too Kate! It feels great :) I agree, you can never have too much positivity in your life. I look forward to sharing my upcoming adventures with you all, stay tuned!! :)

      Ci x


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