Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mixed Media Art Tip #1

Re-use unwanted canvases

I picked up this canvas in a £1 shop because for it's shape and size, to buy new and unused it would have been a lot more expensive. I knew, because of the type of art that I create, I could re-use this canvas and no one would ever know that there used to be another image underneath.
As you can see I have applied a generous coat of gesso to the entire canvas and although the original image is showing through faintly, that will not be a problem when I start to use it for whatever I decide to use it for because it will be covered up completely with paper, paint, maybe more gesso etc.

This is a win win situation for me because (like any artist and any business person for that matter) I am always trying to find ways to cut my costs without compromising my artwork and I am also very interested in trying to reduce waste in the art community.

So, have a dig around your charity shops, home decor shops, Pound shops etc. Start comparing prices and use your imagination, start thinking about the possibilities. 


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