Monday, 19 August 2013

Good Monday Morning

 Monday again, start of a new week, a fresh start for us all...I am gonna be SUPER busy this week (and the next) because I can finally announce that I will be putting on my first solo exhibition on the 7th September!! It's called "Awaken - art for the lost and found" and it is being held at The Montgomery Hall, Surrey Street, Sheffield but I will write up a separate blog post with all the information later this week. But for now...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! I just want to squeal!!
But obviously that also means I have a LOT of work to do in between now and then. I have been working a lot in my journals lately, getting prepared for the big day.

As always, I find that my journals really help to get the creative process going and also helps me to clear my mind of all the fuss and then after I complete a page or 2, I can get down to business.

However, it's not all work around here, I did get some time to relax this weekend, and boy did I relax lol! As a matter of fact apart from doing a shift in the pub on Saturday night, relaxing is pretty much all I did this weekend!! We ate yummy food including an amazing Crock Pot dessert I found a recipe for on Pinterest (my two best friends of course, Crock Pot + Pinterest)

Heaven In A Crockpot - 1 box brownie mix, 1/2 c butter, 4 eggs  1 pouch chocolate chip cookie mix. 3 hours on low.

Have you tried it? I urge you to! Mine didn't quite turn out like that, mine was all brown like chocolate when it came out, and it wasn't really like cookie-ish (if you know what I mean) it was more cake like but it was still amazing and topped with vanilla ice cream it made the perfect accompaniment to Training Day. Nothing wrong with a bit of Denzel and a chocolate dessert on a Sunday evening, what do you say? Lol! 
I also got around to doing a bit more of a crochet blanket I have been working on too

Nearly there now! Won't be long till I will be snuggling up with that on a winter's night :) Anyway as we both know, I really REALLY need to get to work now. Thanks for letting me share, I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend and have a great, productive, successful Monday because I know I will.



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