Friday, 31 May 2013

May You Be: Complete

Hi everyone!

Here we are the last day in May can you believe it? Our last May You Be post :( awwww... I have to say it has been really fun and I am pretty proud of myself for only missing 2 in the whole month. That is good going if you ask me. Thanks you all my lovely readers who have checked in daily to see what my posts have been about, I really appreciate it and I hope that you continue to return here. Don't worry just cause May is over now doesn't mean I won't be posting regularly. I might not post everyday from now on but it will be like, every second day? Something like that anyway! I'll keep you all informed.

To start off, I want to show you a canvas that I just got finished. It's called "Change is Possible", which is available to purchase in my Etsy shop.
Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have already seen this photo (you can follow me on FB + other social media sites by clicking on the links on the left hand side of the blog)

I created this piece on a 20 x 25 cm deep edge canvas in a portrait format using scrapbooking paper, music paper, paper doilies, acrylic paint, alcohol ink, modelling paste, rub ons, metal foil, corrugated card, rubber stamps and a fine tip Sharpie.

Looking at this canvas now you would not believe that a day before it was brown, dark and yucky! I had previously covered it in newspaper and painted it in these dark shades of brown and creams. I don't know what idea I was going with but it was horrible, I hated it and had to change it QUICK! So, as you can see that's exactly what I did. And the result is a bright, fun little canvas!

The inspiration I got for this canvas was obviously change and changing. Who would have thought a love heart could grow like a flower and spout butterfly wings? In this garden anything is possible, even change, which for some people, may seem like the least possible thing in the world. But it can happen, just keep on believing. 

So, that is my latest canvas, I will do another post over the weekend probably listing the products I used on this piece because right now I want to tell you 2 pieces of exciting news. The first is the most exciting and it is that tomorrow I will be demonstrating in my local Hobbycraft store!!!

I am so excited and a bit nervous now too. I will be given a table to work on and to display my canvases and the products that I use. I also will leave a bundle of business cards on it for people to take. This is so exciting though! I really hope that it all goes well. I suspect I will be working on some canvases in store and hopefully people will wander over to check out my work and to ask me some questions etc. I'm not really 100% sure how it will go but we will see. Also I hope I will get to take a few photos.

The second bit of exciting news I have is a little more low key but I think that it is worth sharing. Today I ordered an iPhone 4 adaptor for our tripod so when it arrives I will be able to record videos which means....*drum roll* I'll be on YouTube soon!!!!! Woohoo! I think I may be more excited about that than Hobbycraft tomorrow......Ok, that's not true but it's neck and neck.

And here we are, last post of May You Be. We are complete ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post today and all the other posts in the May You Be series. If you missed any or would like to read them again you will find all the posts listed on the left hand side of the blog.
Please feel free to leave me a comment about anything at all! I love to read your comments.

I hope you are having a beautiful + creative day

Take care


  1. Is this the meadowhall one? and how did it go?

    Zoe x x x x x x
    Handmade with lots of Love

    1. Hi Zoe

      Yes, it's the one in Carbrook near Meadowhall. It went really well thank you, I had lots of fun. I will be demonstrating in store again at the start of July :)



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