Friday, 4 October 2013

Interview with artist {Desiree Oude Groothuis}

Tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of art you do

I am a 51 year old - feeling 28 - woman from the Netherlands. I have a 23 year old daughter, a second husband and a 15 year old Westie dog. I own a business in Family and Children entertainment.

 How long have you been creating art/have you always been a creative person?

Ever since I was able to hold a pencil I have been drawing. When I was a little girl, every vacation and holiday I would get a new sketchbook and new pencils. The first page was always on trying out the colours, grouping them and make colour schemes.
Later, around 10 years old, I went to the library and spend hours there . I found every craft book possible to read about and try for myself. I was lucky to have an aunt that had loads of stuff to craft with.

 What is your favourite piece of work that you have created?

My favourite piece is my first Christmas bird.  He is the first and basic one of my birds series.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am always working on something .. at the moment I am Doodling, making Fairytale tags  and I am in a Filofax Decorating phase.

What is the biggest challenge you face as an artist?

To find ‘my style’ and to stay true to it. 

Are you part of any art groups/organisations?

Well if Etsy counts as a group, that would be one!
In Facebook I am proudly hosting a Art Café since July 2012 , which is a fantastic group of ladies from around the world, we not only share art , we share life and creativity, there are some awesome artists in there!

What are the most important lessons you have learned through creating art?

The most important one is “HAVE FUN” do what you like, don’t force yourself into a
style or process that just isn’t you! The next important lesson is how freeing creating can be
but also how vulnerable it makes you. It is like giving birth a bit, hoping the world likes your baby. I attended a Art & Craft Market for the first time 2 weeks ago, so very different to have a LIFE audience, I was devastated that most of the people just glanced and walked by…
Having a Etsy shop is a whole lot easier! 

What kind of creative routines or rituals do you have, if any?

Ha! I am a real rituals girl! I burn some nice oils, light candles, maybe pick an oracle card, have a nice tea… it’s very important to get in the right mood! 

Where do you get your inspiration from?/What inspires you?

I can surf the internet for hours and hours, I am in different Facebook groups and Oh looooordie… Pinterest is a never-ending resource. But then I have to stop myself once in a while, because I want to be ME as much as possible, all the other art can make you feel a little overwhelmed at times.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself and/or your art?

Yes, I have been through a lot of heavy times in my life, but for some reason there is this strong believe that ‘everything will be fine’ … I truly love Fairytales and they have been a red line through my life, I think you can see it in my art, at least I hope, that in the end it will all be fine…


Amazing! Thank you so much Desiree for sharing with us. Your work is absolutely fab, I especially love those cute little birds. I love the idea of lighting candles and burning some oil before you create, it's almost like you are creating a romantic atmosphere for your work! 

Check back next week for another artist interview. Have a great weekend pretties!

Take care


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  1. Hi Ciara - The interview is very me, thanks so much!


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