Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thursday Treasury + Visitors!

I'm in a complete rush this evening, my friends, I won't lie. I've been in the studio all day, working hard and now I have to give the apartment a quick tidy AND make a yummy dinner all before my "in-laws" (they aren't real in -law but what else can I call them?) arrive at 8pm. I am super excited to see them though! It's always nice to see them both of course, but it's the warm, familiar feeling of home that they bring (that any visitor that we have from home bring) that I really enjoy. While we are all sitting around the table, drinking tea made from our Irish tea bags and chatting and laughing away, sure it almost feels like we are at home again. And that's a nice feeling.

So, forgive me for keeping this brief but I do think it's nifty that I managed to squeeze in a Thursday Treasury for you all.

Today's treasury is inspired by a new jumper I bought the other day. It's a gorgeous shade of violet with flecks of silver thread going through it.

Details for this treasury can be found here, which includes shops + sellers.

I was really pleased with the treasury this morning when I curated it. The colours are so deep and luxurious, they remind me of a well known brand of chocolate.
Is that bird not the cutest thing you have even seen? Look at how fat he is!!!!!!
And what about that cowl....CHUN-KY! I would defiantly stay cosy in the oncoming cold weather if I had around my neck.

Because I pieced this treasury together this morning while eating breakfast, I then took that inspiration to the studio with me and it truly translated into my work today. I will share my work from today over the next few days (when I can find time) and I will be surprised if you don't see what I mean.
That is the thing I love about Thursday Treasury, you never know where, when or how the inspiration from it will strike. I just know that I'm glad that it did because I needed it!

Ok, I'm gonna leave it there for today folk, sorry but I really need to rush. Thanks for stopping by and as always I hope you are inspired by today's collection.

Take care


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