Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thursday Treasury + Late Birthday Pressie!!

I'm so excited!!!

I have been waiting for this present to arrive for AGES! Every morning I have been hoping that the postman would bring it but every morning the post was met with the same disappointment. Until this morning!
At first the post arrived and it was just a sample pack of printed goods I had ordered, which I was interested in seeing but not quite the post I was hoping for. "Oh well" I though, while sitting down to explore what was in the envelope I had just received (which, by the way, is quite impressive). But then something happened which never happens.....the postman came back with a forgotten package. And what do you think it was?

My long awaited Sakura Koi Watercolours Pocket Field Sketch Box!!!!! Woohoo!!

My Dad bought this for me while he was here visiting a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for it to arrive ever since.
This now means I can sketch easier while out and about! If I see someone in a café that interests me I can quickly sketch them, if I get inspired by the ducks while walking by the weir I can sketch them and the best thing about it is that I can put colour down really quickly instead of it just being all in pencil or charcoal.

Needless to say, this has inspired my treasury for this week... Welcome Watercolours!
You can find all the relevant information about the items in this treasury including shops and sellers here.

Before I discovered the joy of mixed media I used to paint in watercolours primarily. I even took a few watercolour classes and really enjoyed it. There is so much to love about watercolours, the transparency, the ability to layer up colours, wet on wet technique, the list goes on.

Do you use watercolours much? Would you consider giving them a go? Leave a comment and let me know!

Keep an eye out for what I get up to with these new watercolours :)

Have a great day


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