Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday Treasury - Wexford Opera Festival Special!

Last night seen the opening ceremony of Wexford's 62nd Opera Festival. As per, my humble town's night sky was lit up by a mesmerizing firework display. The streets were buzzing with young and old enjoying the entertainment and atmosphere.
Unfortunately, I missed it this year (and last year) which is a shame, but not to worry my Dad recorded a short video of some of the fireworks for me, how sweet of him.

Just follow the link to enjoy them for yourself:


I have always enjoyed the opening of the Wexford Opera Festival, not so much for the opera to be fair (I've actually never been to the opera shamefully) but because the festival also brings with it a flourish of art exhibitions dotted around the town. I often spent the Saturday or Sunday after the opening night, strolling around the town, visiting each and every exhibition.

Anyway with all the excitement of the fireworks display it is only right that I put together a collection inspired by the colourful lights and magic

All information on the items included in this treasury can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed my fantastic display of lights today.... It helped me to get over not being able to enjoy it for real with my family and friends last night. 
Sometimes you just have to create your own magic.

Stay inspired my friends


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