Saturday, 11 January 2014

15 minute art

Have you ever had so many ideas whizzing around your head that you are almost dizzy with inspiration? But then when you actually get to your studio or your art desk (or where ever it is that you create) and are surrounded with all your wonderful supplies, staring at a blank canvas you suddenly feel completely overwhelmed? You just don't know where to start? Well I have. As a matter of fact last year it happened quite a lot, too much for my liking. It's a horrible feeling and it is also really counter-productive to be sitting there at my desk tapping my fingers hoping an idea will fly into my head. So, this year (being my year of change and all..) I have vowed I will try to eliminate that from happening as much as I can. 

Yesterday, I opened up my art journal to a fresh, blank page but instead of feeling overwhelmed as I have so many times in the past waiting for inspiration to come, I set my timer for 15 minutes and I just created. I literally picked up paint, pens, pastels, ink, charcoal and I let fly!
 I challenged myself to create 5 art journal backgrounds in 15 minutes. They didn't have to be perfect, they didn't have to be completed, they just had to have a good start made on them.
It was such a freeing experience to know that nothing I could do was wrong. Each mark I made was purposeful and had meaning and was ultimately contributing to what would eventually be a piece of art. 

 After the 15 minutes were up I had indeed managed to put down the basis of 5 art journal pages. I couldn't believe how easy it all flowed out of me, it was like as if my mind and body knew exactly what it was doing. Like, it all just made perfect sense.
 Once the timer challenge was over, I went back to the first page and worked on that some more. I didn't time myself for this part though because as I already had a foundation laid it didn't feel so daunting.

 I would say it probably took me another 15 to 20 minutes to complete the first page. I had so much fun with it I decided to work on the second page also. I think this once is my favourite of the two, I love that there are two moons and I also love the woman's expression. I imagine she is a strong woman with a story to tell.

I absolutely love this 15 minute challenge that I set myself so I will without a doubt continue to do this regularly and document my experiences on here. Do you think that setting yourself a time limit could help with your creativity? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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