Wednesday, 22 January 2014

50 Paintings Challenge #1 + First Youtube Video

Hey lovelies! This year I made a list of some New Year Goals, some things I wanted to get started, challenge myself with and some are just for fun. I've decided to document my progress on each of these goals here on the blog in the hope that it will encourage me to make more of an effort to see them through. One of the challenges I have set for myself is to paint 50 large paintings to hopefully loosen my fear of large scale work. This means I will have to paint 1 large painting almost every week of the year, exciting stuff! So with that in mind,  I want to share with you all my first painting in this challenge and what is now a new weekly blog feature. You can see the blog post I wrote about my 2014 New Year Goals here.
"Rejoice in the Unexpected" sis a mixed media painting on a chipboard panel. I forgot to measure it (oops), it's not huge but it is a lot bigger than the scale I am used to working with and I didn't want to throw myself completely in the deep end so I thought that this size was safe enough to begin with. I hope the surfaces I work on over the year will gradually get larger and larger.
Not only do I have photos to share but I also recorded a video of some of the painting process which I uploaded to Youtube. My first ever video! I'm thrilled I have finally taken the plunge and recorded a painting video because it is something I have wanted to do for a while now but I only recently got the equipment to make it possible.

Here is the video I recorded of the painting process for "Rejoice in the Unexpected". If you would like to subscribe to my Youtube channel you can by clicking on my name and then clicking the big red "subscribe" button on the right hand side of the screen. This will allow you to keep up to date with what I'm doing and be alerted when I upload new videos (which I will, I promise)

I hope you enjoyed the video, I'd love if you let me know what you think. Have you set yourself any New Year Goals that you are determined to keep? Leave a comment :)

Take care


  1. Love the new painting and very brave to make a video. Hope to see more of your work

    1. Thanks Carolee it was easy to make the video but I was a little nervous to press the upload button ;) So strange to think of people watching me create, I'm not used to it at all but it's great at the same time
      I have a channel on Youtube where I will be uploading new videos regularly so make sure to subscribe :)
      Thanks for watching + commenting, love to hear feedback


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