Tuesday, 7 January 2014

life // according to instagram

1// Crocheted plarn bowl. I need some storage for my studio as I am rearranging this year and getting it completely organised from head to toe so I decided to use up some of the plastic bags I have hoarded to make plarn bowls!
2// Enjoying Camomile tea and some reading in my old bed.
3// So many Brussel Sprouts! Every year I am on sprout duty, it is kind of a tradition. This year I had to put them into a slow cooker pot as it was the largest vessel my Mam had that could hold them.
4// A cute kitty hat I received for Christmas.
5// Tiger. This might be my new favourite store. When will they open one in Sheffield?!
6// Yankee Candle accessories make me smile.
7// Spending my New Year's Eve in with my OH and Jools. Couldn't have been happier.
8// Amazing pure Camomile tea I brought back from home (in an adorable tea tin of course). We are talking the really good stuff here.
9// Planning blog posts for 2014.
10// Planting some plant slips given to me by my Granny. Amazed that they survived on the plane.
11// You all need this Pai face mask in your life. It made my skin feel so soft and gorgeous. 
12// First book in my 25 book challenge for 2014. Cath Kidson's story is such an inspiration!

Hope you are having an amazing Tuesday!


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