Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014 New Year Goals

1// read 25 new (to me) books: I used to be a HUGE bookworm but in recent years my life and business have gotten a lot busier (not complaining) and this has seen a drop in my reading and a pile of books growing beside my bed. Time to get this sorted!

2// learn chalk lettering: I have been swooning over the art of chalk lettering on Pinterest and blogs all year. I am gonna give it a go this year.

3// buy only second-hand clothes, except for underwear + socks: Last year I watched a TedTalks seminar about buying only second-hand clothes and the fashionable possibilities it presents. I think I can give this a real shot!! However, I will allow myself to buy brand new underwear and socks when needed.

4// paint 50 large canvases: I have a bit of a "fear" when it comes to creating large scale work. I'm always worried that I won't get the proportions right etc. This year I hope to nail this one by creating 50 large paintings. Almost 1 canvas a week......

5// try out oil paints: In all my years as an artist, experimenting with all manner of different media I have never tried oil paints! Crazy I know! 2014 is the year for it.

6// save a little money each month: Not the most fun of goals but it is definitely an essential. Plus, I know that once I start I won't want to stop and I will be thrilled to see the numbers going up.

7// start my teapot + owl magnet collection: Two collections I have wanted to start for a long time now. I am a huge tea fiend so that one kind of makes sense and as for the owl magnets, well.....who doesn't love owls?

8// complete 3 art journals: Fairly self explanatory and I think, a goal that can be easily met :)

I will be keeping you updated on how I am getting on with the goals I have set myself.
Have you set yourself any goals for the New Year?


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