Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Colour Inspiration

Hi everyone!

How are you all today? My day has been good, it has been relaxed and off schedule which was nice. I have been working on a colour inspiration journal!
I am not claiming this as my own invention however, I signed up for one of Christy Tomlinson's online workshops and she shows us how to go about making one, what it is used for and basically how it benefits your artwork. I. Am. Loving. It! Loving it!!

The idea of a colour inspiration journal is to explore new colour palettes that you may not have thought of before or wouldn't normally be drawn to. It forces you to choose colours out of your colour comfort zone. You can collect images from magazines (like home decor, fashion), from the internet, photographs etc, add it to the journal and then take colour inspiration from that to create a project. 

So, today I went out and bought a new notebook + some magazines that I thought might be fun + colourful and then I spent a lovely afternoon snipping out images and sticking them into the notebook along with paint swatches and pieces of patterned paper and trims that I felt matched the colour scheme.

I think this is a brilliant, lightbulb idea to kickstart your inspiration. Sometimes I can get stuck in a bit of colour rut + I have noticed that I tend to reach for the same colour palette over + over. Turquoise, seafoam blues, red....... Which of course are gorgeous and are my favs, but obviously I need to move on!! For everyone's sake.

I am hopeful that this new exercise will help me to explore new colours and be excited about colour again, you know? I say this often but it's so true, there is nothing better than that excited feeling you get in the pit of your stomach where you know that there is something creatively amazing about to happen. 

I'm looking forward to sharing with you all, the projects that come out of this. 

Do you have a special way of getting yourself out of a colour rut? What colours are you automatically drawn to and what colours would you never use? Do share, I'd love to hear.
Leave a comment about anything and everything!

Take care


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