Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thursday Treasury

Hi everyone! It is really Thursday already? Where did that week go? Anyway it's a good thing cause that means it's time for Thursday Treasury! And I have a really good one for your this week :)

This week's treasury is inspired by Mandalas. I always feel spiritual and grounded when I look at this beautiful, intricate art pieces.  I have been really inspired by mandalas and zentangle lately and I have started to incorporate it into my own work where possible.

You can find out more about this treasury here which includes the shops and sellers of these items.

I was inspired to create this treasury from a notebook I spotted while shopping in town earlier this week. I thought this notebook was gorgeous, the white on colour really popped out to me. I should have bought it too, look at how much it was reduced! :)

The shop I found this in is brilliant for finding colour and design inspiration in because it has a bit of everything in it such as art/crafts, books, stationary etc. They have a PILE of notebooks in every colour and pattern imaginable, but I really don't need anymore notebooks......(or do I?)
If you are find yourself struggling to get off your creative feet so to speak, going for a walk in town or in a shopping centre/mall can help a lot to inspire you because shops are filled with patterns, designs and of course colour. Colour is everywhere! Thank God, it's free!

Anyway enough of my rambling! I hope you enjoyed this week's treasury and are encourage to create some beautiful art based off this inspiration piece. If you do, please send me a photo of your creation as I would love to see what you get up to! If you do email me or share a link with me of a photo of your work I will feature it here on my blog for all to see :)

Again, I hope you have a creative day, the weather is amazing here lately (which is rare enough for UK)  so where ever you are I hope you are getting to enjoy the sun :)

Take care


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