Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Playing with New Products

Hi everyone! How has your Wednesday been?
Today one of my most favourite things happened - Art supplies that I ordered online arrived :) Happy mail!

I ordered a small package from Art from the Heart of 2 ink sprays and 1 dabber paint from Ranger + 2 stencils by The Crafter's Workshop.

I chose 'Sailboat Blue' and ' Red Pepper' ink sprays and 'Sunshine Yellow' in the paint dabber to add to my collection. I try to purchase 1 or 2 of each a week so that I eventually have the entire collection. Also, I have been looking for a doily stencil for a while but couldn't find one anywhere. I finally found this one on Art from the Heart and although it's not exactly the type I was looking for, it is still cool. I bought the Chicken Wire as I didn't have it and have been wanting to get it for a while now.

Whenever I get new products, I have to test them out on a scrap piece of paper before I use them for real on a project or whatever. Does anyone else do this? I dunno, I think it would be weird to just go straight into  using it in my work without testing it out first.

What do you think? Have you ever seen a more vibrant red in your life?! I love it! Isn't it funny how out of all the different shades + hues they carry on that website I still managed to go for the three primary colours? I didn't do that purposefully, I actually only noticed it now as I have them all laid out together. Funny.

I had to test out the stencils aswell of course. They look great, I'm really happy I bought them. The thing I love about these type of stencils is that, if you get them wet enough, you can actually use them as a kind of stamp aswell, so you then get the reverse image. It's like two for the price of one!

This isn't really a great example of that because I wasn't trying too hard to get that effect, I was just cleaning off my stencil + since there is no sense in wasting perfectly good paint, I used it to stamp the reverse image. However, if I had wanted to + had paid it a little more attention, I would have probably achieved a much clearer image. Either way, I think it looks great :)

*Note on cleaning stencils* I use baby wipes to clean my stencils but today I noticed while wiping the doily stencil that you really need to be very gentle how you wipe them because the cloth can get caught in the cut-out part and pull them out of shape (does that make sense?) Just a little warning I thought I'd pass on to my fellow artists ;)

So, that's a little of what I got up to today. I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what new art supplies you purchased/received lately, I'd love to hear all about it.

I hope you all had a creative day!

Take care


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