Thursday, 6 February 2014

25 Art Journal Prompts - February

People use art journals for a whole lot of different reasons such as rough sketches, journalling thoughts and memories like a traditional diary, getting ideas out on paper or trying new techniques. I use my journal for all of these things and more! I think everyone should have an art journal because it can be fantastic help when you are stuck in a rut or if you just want the freedom to create without rules or boundaries. So, I put together these lists of 25 art journal prompts every month for you to use to make the most of your journal and to explore your creativity in ways you may not have immediately thought of.

25 Art Journal Prompts

  1. Create a page inspired by Van Gogh
  2. Pick your least favourite colour. Create a page using only different shades of this colour.
  3. Create a page using oil pastels and watercolours.
  4. Go to an exhibition opening. Later, create an art journal page inspired by your favourite piece from the show.
  5. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Challenge yourself to create a 2 page spread within this time.
  6. Use only primary colours to create your next page.
  7. Try to recreate an old art journal page. See what differences emerge.
  8. Incorporate paint splatter in your next page.
  9. Limit your palette to black and white for your next page.
  10. Try to recreate the scene from your nearest window on your next page.
  11. Fill a page with stamped images. You can use different colours of ink or paint but nothing else.
  12. Remember making "butterfly effect paintings" as a child? Do this in your art journal! On a two page spread, create a design on one side and then close the book. When you reopen it you should see the reverse image on the opposite page.
  13. Incorporate twine and staples in your next page.
  14. Create a page using spray inks.
  15. In your next page, make sure you incorporate an arrow symbol in it somewhere.
  16. Before you start the next page, cut it into a narrower shape whether vertical or horizontal. Having different dimensions to work with can really shake things up.
  17. Incorporate circles into this page. You can draw them, paint them or collage them!
  18. Insert a piece of corrugated cardboard into your journal and then create your next page on this surface.
  19. Use your favourite piece of clothing to inspire your next page.
  20. Create your next page with the journal turned upside down. See what happens.
  21. Fill your page with unwanted scrap paper. Create over it to turn unwanted into beautiful!
  22. Stitch onto your page. You could use your sewing machine for this or simply hand stitch.
  23. Use a tag or some kind as a journalling spot in your next 3 pages. 
  24. Go back to a page you considered completed. See what emerges before your eyes add more to this page.
  25. Finish a page, then paint over in all in Gesso or heavy white paint and start it all over again. Do this 5 times and note the changes.
I hope you enjoyed this February's art journal prompts. Check back next month for more! 
Leave a comment and let me know if you used any of the prompts. Why not leave a link to your project below?


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