Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Art Journal Page

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow (but we are celebrating it tonight as I have to work in the pub on Friday) I thought I would create a double page spread with it in mind. *Queue red and pink colour palette*

 Sure you'd have to add a little sparkle for Valentine's.... the day is so full of tacky anyway so I thought I'd add to it with a bit of glitter.

 I came across these cute "chalkboard inspired" stickers by American Crafts in TK Maxx months ago. I'd say it was even before Christmas when I found them, sitting like a diamond among the rough. I brought them straight to the till because I knew I would take great pleasure in using them in a project such as this one.

I also filmed the process so I will be uploading it to my Youtube channel asap. Hopefully that will be later today but if not it should be Friday. I will keep you posted anyway so watch out for it on social networks.

What do you think then guys? I'm quite pleased with it actually, I like the colours. It isn't a palette I would typically go for to be honest I would never normally have that much pink. That is what I love so much about setting yourself challenges; you just never know what will happen or what you will learn or discover about yourself. I think sometimes we convince ourselves that we really don't like something when actually if we take the time to explore it a little we discover it's not so bad after all.

Let me know if you agree with this. Are there any discoveries you have made about your art/craft and/or yourself lately?

Have a wonderful Thursday


  1. Reminds me of that Cat Power song 'Sea of Love', but its more like a storm of love, of pink, but I like those black bits in their too. Looking forward to the video!

    1. Hehe you are so corny! Thanks for the comment, I should have the video up soon :)

  2. I really like that you havent gone for typical valentines day-esque colours and kept it unique, with a splash of romanticism. I particularly like the chalkboard 'all yours' underneath the 'I am', looks cool :-)

    1. Do you think? I thought I had gone for typical Valentine's colours and was feeling a little "this is old news" about it if you know what I mean?
      Yeah I think those chalkboard stickers are adorable. American Crafts knows their stuff!

  3. Love the idea of adding "reluctant glitter" (sic) in honour of the general tackiness of the day. The colours really do work - I love the red pink and black together . I am always a little wary with metallics - I need to play around with them more. Nice work!


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