Wednesday, 12 February 2014

50 Painting Challenge Update

Hey everyone! Well wow am I behind on these large paintings or what? I am only on #2 and it is the 2nd week in February. I worked it out that if I were to accomplish 50 large paintings this year I would have to paint 1 a week (ish) so that's gone a bit out the window hasn't it? But fear not, I am not going to let that stop me. I will just keep keeping on as they say, try to get as many done as I can this year and if I do end up finding myself with a little more free time down the line I might be able to knock out a few more than 1 a week. The challenge is more about overcoming my "fear" of large scale paintings not so much about painting exactly 50 paintings (but it would be nice to tick it off my list) So, on that note let me show you large painting #2..... 'Reveal'
As you can see I created this piece on a large piece of thick paper that I taped to the wall in my studio. This is just a challenge I am setting for myself, I'm not planning on selling these paintings (not all of them anyway) and so I don't need to create them all on canvases (which is great because large canvases can be pricey) 
 I really enjoyed creating this piece. The colours I picked are so warm and bright, reminding me of the coming seasons. Also, hearts. Valentine's Day. I couldn't resist.
 Some of the products I used for this piece include oil pastels, dictionary pages, acrylic inks and home made stencils.

So what do you think? I'd love you to leave a comment below and let me know if you like it. Also, I did video some of the process which I will be uploading to my Youtube channel soon but unfortunately the battery went dead after a while and I didn't notice so you won't get to see me create this piece from start to finish. Sadface. But a least you will get to see some....

Happy Wednesday!


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