Monday, 10 February 2014

Some Of My Favourite Art Supplies

I don't always use the same art supplies for every painting. I usually go through phases of being obsessed with certain supplies for a period of time and then I try out new ones and get addicted to using those ones.... I'm very fickle aren't I? 
Here are some of the art supplies I currently adore using....
From top to bottom, left to right

  • Neocolour 11 (amazing used with or without water)
  • System 3 Heavy Body Acrylic (especially in Titanium White + Fluorescent Orange)
  • Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artist Ink (great for adding splatter + drips to a painting)
  • Conté Pierre Noire Pencils + Blending Stumps (Charcoal is great for drawing outlines + adding detail)
  • Oil Pastels (Faber Castell are so creamy + highly pigmented)
  • Ink Sprays (Adirondack + Dylusions are my personal favourites at the moment)
  • Stencils and Stamps (I choose Crafter's Workshop but I also enjoy making my own)
What are your favourite art supplies? Are you currently using any of the same? 



  1. When it comes to paints i prefer using anything that i can make myself. Atm i make my own linseed oil colors, my own varnish and watercolors. When i buy paint for crafting or art i buy airbrush paint. Ab paint is much finer quality, works on fabric, wood, plastic, paper and metal. Its also more expensive but as a multi crafter its still cheaper than having to buy different supplies for different projects.
    With stencils i also make my own, don't think i ever bought a stencil.

    About ink, if you have a broken old ink printer you can take the leftover ink from the cartridges and use it for your art. printer ink has worked really well for me and i actually started buying the kind thats made for refillable cartridges to use for my art.

    1. Wow Uffe that is great that you make your own paints! I am not that advanced I must admit! Great idea to use those refillable printer inks, I see them all the time in the poundshops so I might give them a go. Thanks for the advice.

  2. I love all daler rowney products, especially the acrylics.I think its cause it reminds me of being at college so just my nostalgia kicking in! I make all my own stencils, mainly ones for printing, I was a tattooist for five years so knowledge about stenciling came in very handy when making my own one now :-)

    1. That sounds like a really cool job to have fallfromgrace349, although I don't think I'd have the nerve to do it! Even though I love tattoos and have a few of my own (more to come!)
      What do you make your stencils from?


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