Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mini Office Supplies Haul

Last weekend I made a trip to Staples as I needed a few office supplies. Collecting office supplies has become a new addiction of mine I think! This is only a mini haul though for 2 reasons, 1. I promised myself I wouldn't go crazy and 2. Staples is a very expensive place to buy office supplies so I had to watch my basket to make sure it wasn't piling up.

The first thing I bought were these cardboard half flap wallets. I use these for filing my different commissions. They are so handy for keeping all the information, notes, inspirations and preliminaries for commissions in one safe place together. 
The next thing I bought was some Blu Tack because I have run out. Everyone knows what this is used for, sticking up images, schedules, to-do lists etc and I also use it to secure things like baskets and storage bins to tables and inside my desk drawers to keep them securely in place.
I have to admit this now..... I am a Post-it note snob. It's true. I will only use Post-it brand sticky notes because they are the best around. There is nothing worse than a sticky note that doesn't stick right and falls off whatever you have stuck it to when you move it. I chose these 4 x 4 size notes to write my weekly to-do lists or as I like to call it my "master to-do" and stick it onto the "Monday" page of my diary.
Another thing I can't have too many of is rubber bands. So simple but you wouldn't believe how often I use these in my daily life. I use them to gather up paintbrushes, pencils, papers, greeting cards, post etc. I also use them a lot at home for keeping packets of pasta and rice together. So one of these balls will be living in the top drawer of my work desk and the other will be living in the kitchen drawer.

Highlighters. Another thing I can be a little snobby about. I only like to use highlighters that are properly "juicy" and flow well without any squeaks. Does anyone understand what I am talking about here?

And my star buy of this haul has to be these two plastic storage boxes. I am still very much in the "Spring Cleaning" mode and so lately I am on the hunt for different storage solutions for my home and my studio especially. I snapped these two Wham storage boxes up as they were on offer, two for £5 which I thought was a bargin. My studio is full of bits and bobs that don't really "have a home" as such yet so they will be living in these boxes from now on. Thank God for that.

So that was what I picked up on my little office supplies trip, I hope it has inspired you to maybe refresh your office supplies. 
Are you picky about the types of office supplies you use or does it not bother you either way? I'd love to hear what you have to say :)

Happy Tuesday friends


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