Friday, 14 February 2014

Friday Favourites #5 - Valentine's Day Special

Am I going crazy or are the weeks getting shorter?! That week flew by. Whizzed. I have had a great week despite the weather lashing it down most days. I shared the 1st 7 faces in the 29 Faces Challenge which got a great response from readers, I announced the 2 lucky winners of my Valentines Giveaway, I introduced everyone to some of my favourite art supplies, I went on a little office supplies shopping trip, shared #2 in my 50 Painting Challenge and created a Valentine's Day art journal page. Phew! Ok, maybe that is why I feel the weeks are flying by. Anyway, it is finally Friday which means it is also Valentine's Day for those who care to acknowledge it. So I have put together a little 'Valentine's Special' for Friday Favourites this week. Can you feel the love?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

These banana printables crack me up...
Nerd love!
This gorgeous white ring by Oh Kuol. I wonder how many are getting rings today?!
Hehe! Gotta love Jesse. I know someone who would appreciate this funny card....
Love hearts everywhere today :)
Hmm, good question
Yes to everything on this list
100 Hearts, artwork by Elizabeth Rosen. So colourful!
Aww, well it is his Valentine's Day too.....
Old fashioned Valentines are the best !

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