Friday, 6 December 2013

The Twelve Makes of Christmas Day 6 - 80's Inspired Festive Earrings

I have a real weakness for all things 80's. Even my own Mother agrees that I grew up in the wrong era. Shoulder pads, big hair, tacky jewellery and dramatic make up, that's what gets me going! There is something about the tackiness of the 80's style that, believe it or not, I find appealing. So today's tutorial is in your face, over the top, 80's inspired festive earrings.


1 sheet of Shrink Plastic
Acrylic paint
Alcohol inks
Black Sharpie marker
Heat tool
Earring posts
Hot glue gun

 I used clear Shrink Plastic but it is also available in white or frosted so you can use either for this project. I used acrylic paints to colour the plastic in a selection of my favourite colours. I also added a few drops of alcohol ink to create a different texture. I let the plastic sheet to dry completely before moving on to the next step. * It is important that you do not use a heat source to speed up the drying time as this will ruin your plastic*
 I scribbled a few verses of a popular Christmas carol all over the plastic and then used a cardboard template to cut out two Christmas tree shapes. I usually prefer to freehand designs like this but when working with Shrink Plastic it is important that you get the size right.
 I heated the plastic with my Ranger Heat Tool and watched the tree warp and twist as it shrunk down seven times smaller and seven times thicker. This is the really fun bit!
Once the earrings were both shrunk down, I hot glued an earring post to the back of each and hey presto! Two extremely tacky 80's style festive earrings were born!!

Watch out for these babies in any photos I take this Christmas, you never know where they might pop up!

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Ps. Don't forget Ciara McGuire Designs is taking part of FIVER FRIDAY this year. Check out what's on offer :)

Take care

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