Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Twelve Makes of Christmas Day 7 - Hand Stamped Wrapping Paper

A little late with today's tutorial, apologises for that. We made a trip to the shopping centre this morning (big mistake) we ended up being there all day stuck in queues. Anyway enough about that, I want to forget the Christmas shopping madness for now and chill out in front of the box for the rest of the evening. Before I do though I have a simple yet very effective little tutorial to share with you.

Have I ever told you how amazing Polystyrene is? Well if I haven't before I about to. It is AMAZING!! It is so lightweight, cheap and easy to get your hands on but it makes a fantastic material for hand carving stamps out of! Who knew?! While indulging in some Chinese takeaway last weekend I knew exactly what I would use this magically material for around the Christmas period. Whipping up some hand stamped wrapping paper.


Polystyrene (such as an old takeaway container, washed)
Pen or pencil
Acrylic paint
Roll of brown Kraft paper
Yarn or ribbon (optional)

 After ensuring that my recycled Polystyrene container was thoroughly washed and dried, I cut a small rectangular piece from it. I then engraved a simple Christmas tree shape into using a pencil. It doesn't really make any different whether you use a pencil or a pen to engrave the image, it all depends on how thick you would like the outline to be.
I then used some red and green acrylic paint to stamp the image in rows on the Kraft paper. After I allowed the wrapping paper to dry completely, it was ready to use! 
I added a little garnish of red yarn to complete the festive look. No peeking until Christmas Day now!

You can see the rest of the Twelve Makes of Christmas here:
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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and might give it ago. Better late than never!

Take care

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