Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

1// I always receive a book or two at Christmas, usually from my Mam. This goes down a treat of course because I am a major book worm. This year I have a few on my list, Handmade Marketplace which is more of a "work" book than a "for pleasure" read but it is supposed to be the Bible for small, creative businesses, Coming Up Roses the story of Cath Kidson's success and Adulting - How to Become Grown Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps looks like a fun book.
2// I discovered Lola by Marc Jacobs a couple of years ago when it first came out and fell head over heels in love. I have found the perfume that I will be wearing for life. It's a little pricey though so when I get it I tend to ration it!
3// I have wanted a Gelli Printing Plate for the longest time. I really hope Santa leaves one under the tree for me this year.
4// What can I say, I drink a lot of tea. I think a tea bag organizer is in order for 2014.
5// Vintage cat ornaments are a serious weakness of mine. The more kitschy and tacky the better.
6// Do I need to say anything about these shoes, really? They are just adorable in every way. Everything in that shop in gorgeous and I can see myself shopping there alot in 2014.

Well, I've been as good as I can be now all I can do is wait and see if Santa will honour my Christmas list!

What are you hoping Santa will bring for you this year?


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