Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Twelve Makes of Christmas Day 10 - Crochet Snowflake

I got into crocheting a couple of years ago and it is my go-to winter craft while sitting by the fire watching tv. These crochet snowflakes are quite popular on the net lately and so I couldn't resist giving them a go!


Yarn in a colour of your choice
Crochet hook (4mm, 4.5mm or 5mm)

Chain 5 and join to form a ring. You will work the first round out of this ring.

Round 1
Chain 1 (counts as 1 dc), 1 dc, then chain 3 (above picture)

*2dc , chain 3* (above picture)

Repeat the *2dc, chain 3* four more times, creating little points. Slip stitch into initial chain 1 to join. You can now see the six chain loops you've made, you will be working the next round out of these.

Round 2
Slip stitch into the first chain loop. In the first chain loop, chain 1 (counts as 1 dc), 1dc, chain 3, 2dc (above picture)

In the second chain loop, work the following

*2dc, chain 3, 2dc*

Repeat four times, working into the four remaining chain loops.
Slip stitch into chain to join.

Round 3
Slip stitch into the first chain loop. Now, work the following into the first loop

*1dc, chain 3, 1dc, chain 5, 1dc, chain 3, 1dc, chain 2*

Repeat five times, working into the five remaining chain loops.

You should have ended the round with a chain 2. Slip stitch into the first dc to join the round.

Fasten off and in the ends.

How cute would these be joined together to create a blanket?! Did someone say new winter project?

Take care


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