Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Twelve Makes of Christmas Day 4 - Magazine Wreath

I read a lot of magazines because they are a great source of inspiration for me. However, that does mean I end up with ALOT of piles of magazines floating around all over the apartment. Although I do go back to them when in need of some creative ideas, sometimes I feel the urge to cull the herd a little by coming up with different ways to incorporate them into projects. I bought a Polystyrene ring when I decided to create the Twelve Days of Christmas and I had originally intended to use it to make a bauble wreath but on reflection I thought it was a perfect excuse to use up some of my hoards of magazines.


Polystyrene ring
Glue gun
Old magazines
Yarn, string or ribbon

While waiting for the glue gun to heat up I pulled some colourful and interesting magazine pages and cut them into strips. I had some scraps left over so I kept them to create mini flowers. 
I wrapped each magazine strip around the Polystyrene ring and secured it with hot glue at the back. I then added a few scrunched up scrap pieces to create a cluster of "flowers" to the wreath.
Finally, I added a loop of yarn to the back and voila! An alternative yet still altogether festive wreath that hangs proudly on the wall beside my Christmas tree.

You can see more of The Twelve Days of Christmas below

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