Sunday, 1 December 2013

12 Makes of Christmas Day 1 - Felt Star Garland

 It's here, it's finally here!! The Twelve Makes of Christmas Day 1! I'm so excited to kick this feature off today, I have a whole bunch of Christmassy tutorials for you for the next 12 days, one a day. Seen as today is the 1 December we are going to be putting our Christmas decorations up tonight. Although we have a box full of wonderfully tacky ornaments, lights and tinsel, I thought it would be nice to make some decorations that are a little more sophisticated to go along with the them. Hence, this cute felt star garland. For this tutorial you will need


Assorted colours of sheet felt
Sewing needle

I choose yellow, beige, light grey and light blue felt to make this garland. I often like to pick non-traditional festive colours to mix things up a bit. I cut the felt into smaller rectangle and square shapes as it made it easier for me to then cut star shapes from them.

 As you can see I freehanded the star shapes rather than using a template to make them uniform as I prefer the more random, organic look but if you prefer all your stars to me the same size and shape you could cut a template from card or download one from the internet.

I used a needle and white thread to hand sew all the stars together. I must admit this is a little time consuming but my sewing machine has been acting up lately so I had to go with this option. You could also use a glue gun to glue the stars to a piece of string, but I imagine it could get a little messy.

You can make your garland as short or as long as you like but once you get to the end of your garland don't forget to sew it off so that it doesn't end up falling apart on you. And your done! A beautiful winter decoration that can take pride of place on any wall, fireplace or Christmas tree. As always the best thing about it is that is it handmade by you.

 Drop back tomorrow for Day 2 of The Twelve Makes of Christmas!

Take care

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