Friday, 3 May 2013

Announcement: New Tutorial!

Hi everyone!

Question for you, does your waste- paper bin look anything like the above photo, bursting at the seams with scraps of millions of different kinds of paper, assorted off-cuts of ribbon + fabric, and other odds + ends?
Well in case you haven't figured it out already that waste-paper bin above is my waste-paper bin and it makes me sad.
Sad you say? Yes my friends, sad. All that paper, all those trees!!! I am a bad person for being so wasteful!
Okay, maybe a bad person is a bit too far but that is what I was thinking when (much to my annoyance) I knocked over my, quite full, waste-paper bin last night and had to get down on my hands and knees to pick up confetti style scraps of paper off of the carpeted floor, which might I add is harder than it sounds. I now have a new found respect for the job my poor Hoover has.
However, while I was down there tediously picking up after the mess I had made it got me thinking about uses for the contents of my waste-paper bin and so the Waste-Paper Bin Challenge was born!
Each Saturday for the next 5 weeks I am going to show you a creative project using some of the contents of your waste-paper bin! Creative and thrify! And we are doing our bit for the environment as well so really we can't go wrong can we?
So tune in tomorrow Saturday 4 May, for the first Waste-Paper Bin Challenge! It's going to be lots of fun!!


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