Thursday, 9 May 2013

May You Be: Improved

Hi everyone! 

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here the last few days, it has been sunny and bright and really warm, hell anyone would have thought it was Summer! Myself and himself broke out the sunglasses and 
had our breakfast in the park last weekend, a friend of mine even told me she got sun burnt on her neck on Sunday! So you can imagine my surprise this morning when I pulled back the curtains only to be met with dark, grey clouds, a gloomy looking sky, trees blowing frantically in the wind and then, around lunch time, the heavens opening. Grumble. Just when I thought Summer was finally here. What about that sweet little butterfly I seen fluttering around yesterday? Was it all a dream?

But, as always if you use a little imagination and a pinch of that creative (that everyone has) you can still have a fun and enjoyable rainy day.

Realistically, the rain has had little effect on me really because I have been spending my day pretty much the same way I spend most of my days, creating pretty things at my art desk. I have been working on a new little project today actually and if you are very, very lucky you might get to have a sneak peak later.

If you are free on a rainy day, if you don't have to go to work or school, it is the perfect opportunity for some home improvements. Not any old home improvements, D.I.Y. home improvements. Oh yes, Martha Stewart eat your heart out!!

Here are a few D.I.Y home improvement projects that would be perfect to try on a rainy day (and I intend to):

  • Stencil Throw Pillow

DIY: Stencil Pillow

Make this simple but classy looking pillow case by following Amanda Wrights tutorial on her blog Wit & Whistle. She uses a plain cushion cover, a fabric marker and a letter stencil. 

  • Nautical-Inspired Lamp
Nautical Themed Lamp

This lamp looks really expensive yet it can be make for pennies! All you need is an old lamp (perhaps pick one up in a charity shop), hemp or garden twine, a glue gun and a scissors. Visit Hgtv for the full tutorial.

  • Anthro - Inspired Mirror

This fab mirror is made using fabric and oven cleaner! Find out more on where Bev has a fantastic step by step tutorial on how to achieve this interesting effect.

  • Painted Vases
 A great way to jazz up charity shop finds, this tutorial on Sugar and Charm shows you how to paint the inside of vases with enamel paint. I will definitely be giving this a go!

  • River Stone Mat
River rock bath mat

Create this cleaver little bath mat by using decorative river pebbles, glue and a shelf liner. Jillian over on entirely smitten shows you how.

If you manage to get through all of these on a rainy day you will be doing well! Do you have any home projects you are currently working on? What kinds of activities do you like to get up to on rainy days? Share all your ideas by leaving a comment or dropping me an email 

I hope you have a beautiful + creative day



  1. Another gem of an item full of great ideas.

  2. Yeah I think my favs are the cushion cover and the mirror but they are all deadly! Glad you liked the post x


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