Friday, 3 May 2013

May You Be: Lucky

Hi everyone!

Did you know that today, the 3rd of May is said to be a lucky date?  I didn't! 
I sure hope that its true though because I have an important meeting this evening which, if it goes well, could open up a few possibilities for me.  So, fingers crossed! And there you go, another lucky symbol, crossing our fingers. Where did it come from? Apparently early Christians would cross their fingers in order to invoke the power of the Christian cross for protection against evil. Simple! 

So on this lucky day, with my fingers crossed (makes it hard to type) I've put together a list of my favourite lucky charms + superstitions. 

1. The Black Cat

Depending on where you are in the world a black cat may mean good luck or it could mean bad luck.  For me, having grown up in Ireland a black cat brings good luck, especially if it runs across your path.  Gifts of black cat symbols are often given to a bride to bring her lucky in her marriage. It is also believed that a strange black cat arriving at your home means prosperity and that a female owner of a black cat will have many suitors.

2. Bird Poo

Not the most pleasant of lucky signs I will admit but still it seems to be universally agreed that a bird dropping his "do-do" on you is a lucky omen.  The exact reason for this is unclear however, some think that it is the fact that the chances of you getting hit by birds droppings are as high as say, winning the lottery and because it happened to you in particular must be a good thing.  Others take it as a sign that there is wealth of some kind coming from heaven.  I have heard variations of this superstition over the years and it seems that it doesn't necessary have to be on your body that the birdies lets loose but on your freshly washed clothes blowing on the wash line or even your car will suffice

3. Throwing Salt

This is a tricky one because it's not so much about bringing you good luck as it is avoiding bad luck. The belief that you should throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder if you happen to spill salt comes from the Last Supper. In Leonardo Di Vinci's depiction of the last supper you can see that Judas has knocked over a salt cellar. This created the connection between salt and treachery + lies. Throwing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder is said to blind the devil who is waiting there.

4. Four Leaf Clover

Lucky Me Acrylic Original Painting - Colorful 4 leaf clover - 11" x 14"
This has to be the most common lucky symbol in my opinion. Four leaf clovers are traditionally a lucky symbol to the Irish and the Celts but I think the world round people recognise it as one of the luckiest things you could find. However, don't go purposely scouring the fields and valleys for one as four leaf clovers are only said to be lucky when found by accident. Clovers commonly have only three leaves and there is estimated to be 10,000 of these to every 1 four leaf. In the early days of Ireland, the Druids believed that carrying a shamrock or a four leaf clover gave them the ability to see evil spirits coming, thus giving them time to get away. Nowadays each leaf of the four leaf clover has a different meaning; Faith, Hope, Love, Luck.

5. Horseshoes

A horseshoe is another lucky charm given as a gift to a newly married couple. There are many different reasons why a horseshoe is believed to be lucky. In Celtic mythology, Faeries were repelled by iron and seen as a horseshoe was a easily available source of iron they were hung above the door to prevent any unwanted guests from entering. Another reason horseshoes are thought to be lucky is because in the past they were made by blacksmiths who were considered to have a lucky trade. Blacksmiths were believed to have magical powers and be able to heal the sick.

Surely with all this talk of luck the outcome of my meeting later will be a good one! 
What are your favourite lucky beliefs?  Do you carry a lucky charm with you at important events? 
Do you believe in luck at all?! Let me know, leave a comment below.

Have a happy, creative + LUCKY day!


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