Monday, 6 May 2013

May You Be: Inspired

Hi everyone!

Have you ever been all set up and ready to create, sitting down in your art studio or at your craft desk or where ever else you work with the blank canvas in front of you, tools in hand and then.......... nothing?

Nothing happens and there are no ideas in your head either. Nada, zip, diddly-squat. You got nothing.
Have you ever experienced this? As an artist, when this happens your blood runs cold and you get a horrible sense of fear wash over you because, regardless how many times you have bounced back from it before, every time it strikes you believe that you have simply ran out of talent. And by 'it', I mean creative block.
Yes, that old thing.

Luckily there are some fun + easy ways to get past creative block. My favourite is making an inspiration board and hanging it near where you work.  Keep inspiration near by!

Here are a few inspiration board tutorials that you could try out:

Sheryl and Karla over at use a cork board and linen to create this bright and colourful inspiration board. Click on the link to see their full tutorial.


For this board, Suzanne at piecedpastimes.blogspot used an large old frame to display her sources of inspiration. Visit her blog by clicking on the link to view the full tutorial.

The newly-wed couple behind jitneysjourneys re-purposed an old door into a chalkboard inspiration board.
What a great way of recycling! I am a hugh fan off up-cycling and making beauty out of what others might throw away. Visit their blog to discover how they transformed this door.

I have a fairy meek inspiration board I must admit so I won't share a photo of it yet but I promise that I will when I spruce it up a bit (which is on my to-do list).

So, are you inspired yet?

Why not send me a photo of your inspiration board? Leave a comment and let me know what inspires you daily and how you over come creative block.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a beautiful + creative day


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