Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May You Be: Dreaming

Hi everyone!

Apologies for such a late post tonight but I do think it is an appropriate time of day to talk about dreams. Lately, I have been having very vivid dreams at night, I don't always remember what they are about, I just wake up in the morning and the last few seconds of my dream just falls out of my brain. I don't always have vivid dreams like this, it has only started happening in the last few weeks really.  I have wondered what could be causing it to happen.

I don't know, and I don't feel bad that I don't know because apparently scientists aren't  one hundred percent sure either.
There are a few theories on it though, some think that dreams are our brains way of making sense of all the information that it collected throughout the day. We see, hear, smell, taste and hear so many different things every single second we are awake and dreams help your brain to determine which of this information it should hold on to and which it doesn't need.
Another theory is that our dreams reflect our emotions. During sleep our minds aren't as distracted as they are while we are awake so our emotions of the day can battle it out in our sleep cycle. So, if we are stressed or worried about something our dreams may well reflect that.

But enough with the science-y stuff, we want to hear about the interesting stuff don't we?  We want to know what our dreams mean.
Well here are a some interesting dream symbols and what it might mean for us if we find them popping up in our  dreams while throwing up some z's.

  • Money:  If you dream about exchanging money you may be anticipating a change in your life
  • Hands: Washing your hands in a dream may express feelings of guilt. If you are holding hands with someone in your dream it may represent love and affection for that person
  • Falling:  Falling is a common dream symbol which represents an anxiety about letting go or losing control. 
  • Being Chased: Being chased is a sure sign that you feel threatened
  • Food: Food symbolizes knowledge because its nourishes the body just as information nourishes the brain.
  • Faulty Machinery: Often symbolizes losing touch with reality or that a part of your mind or body is not functioning properly
  • Lost or Trapped: This usually occurs when you are undecided about how to react to a real life situation
  • Failing a Test: You are tested in some part of your life or you feel unprepared for something or you are playing the wrong part in life.

Dreams are very interesting things altogether but it is my opinion that its the dreams we have while we are awake that matter the most. Dream big my friends.

Hope you all sleep well tonight!


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